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Ability to Lapse and Archive Member in separate stages


It would be great if we could lapse a membership at one date and then archive the record at a later date. At the moment the two only exist at the same date option on the renewal workflow.

The reason for this would be to restrict access to events once the Membership has expired, but allow people to log on to renew. If they do not renew within, say, six months, they could then be archived.

At the moment, to achieve this, we create Membership Levels called Lapsed Individual, with a renewal period of Never (so that they can renew from the payment date), and don't allow this level access to Events. We use the Grace Period option to change them to this level, which means that we cannot allow them a grace period. Then after six months we lapse and archive them.

If we could lapse and archive at different dates, we could give them a grace period to renew from their expiry date and continue to access events, then lapse the record to restrict access to events but allow them to renew, then archive after six months. This would keep our data clean, we wouldn't have to create fake Levels and the table of Members would reflect reality. We need to archive regularly as we cater to ex-pats who are in the country short term, so our turnover is high.

Would this be useful to anyone else?


WICE Paris

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  • Evgeny Zaritovskiy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    In our new upcoming release 4.3 (December 2011) Archived members will be able to login. Upon logging in their profile is restored in Lapsed state and they automatically will be able to renew membership.

    Probably this will resolve the original issue and may setup your renewal policy directly to Archive action instead of 2-step workflow.

  • Dmitry Buterin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Gill,

    Yes, you pointed out one of the scenarios which are not handled so well by our current settings.

    We are aware of this - so trying to look a bunch of different scenarios including this one to come up for a redesigned screen for renewal options. This screen should provide more flexibility and at the same time become simpler - current one is already way too complex. So it will take us some time to figure it out but we surely will.

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