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Improve overall speed of mobile application

On one of our webinars we had an interesting comment about mobile app being slow to the point not being usable:
>> Eve: It was good. It's good for - because there's only me with my iPad, it was good for events where I had 33 attendees, and that was good because then I could scroll through the list and find them and click the check button, but it did not work so well when I had 200 plus.
>> Lori S: Oh right.
>> Eve: I was racing, because I print out the paper copy, and I have other people who help me with registration, and so I was racing her with her - my friend with her paper copy and me with my electronic copy and she won, like all the time. It's not fair.
>> Lori S: Is there anything you'd want to see improved [in Wild Apricot]?
>> Eve: … Probably the app. Because I tried the app for the first time, and I found it worked well for low numbers of attendees, so like for a workshop of less than 50 people it worked well, but for large numbers and there is a search function on the app, but it's too slow.
>> Lori S: Okay.
>> *Eve: I just can't use it as quickly as I can with a piece of paper*. So maybe a future app development might look at stuff like there.

We want to improve speed of the app so it can really be used on events with many attendees. And it's not just about attendees - all functions have to be faster, like searching for contacts and loading different contact lists.

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