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Avoiding members getting the wrong registration price

(Documenting thoughts based on email dialog with a client)

Wild Apricot allows you to create event registrations with different prices for members and non-members. Member eligibility is checked in one of two ways:

1) if a member is logged in, then we know who he/she is and can check membership level and status

2) otherwise we check the email the enter on the first step, look up the record in your contact database etc.

The problem with #2 is that a person might use a different email by mistake - and then WA wouldn't know about membership and not allow member pricing to be selected. Members might notice this afterwards, contact administrator to complain, this requires manual work to fix etc.

Possible ways to address:

- have a way to register additional emails on every member record to check against (Though I doubt this will help much - I suspect most people would never bother to register those additional emails

- Have the system also check the name entered and if the exact match for first and last name exists, provide a warning like "We have a record in our database with the same name - however the email on file does not match the one you used and thus you are not eligible for member-pricing. Would you like to login or use another email?"

This wouldn't catch all the problems (e.g. people might use different spellings) but it might help somewhat.

So at this stage we are looking for:

- other ideas how to prevent this

- comments on how common this is and how useful it would be for you.

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