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Directory multi-page dropdown page picker

On the directory, if there are more than one page of listings there is a dropdown box to the right of the search box so that you can quickly jump to a specific page (50 listings per page). If the directory is sorted by last name, the dropdown may show something like:

Aaro - Drem (1-50)

Drem - Fran (51-100)

Fran - John (101-150)

... and so on.

The four-character name abbreviations are derived from the first four letters of whatever serves as the link text for the directory entry (the first field in the leftmost column of the entry).

However, these abbreviations are only helpful if the directory is sorted by the link text. Otherwise, if you sort on some other field (e.g., the State where the person lives which shows up in the fourth column of the directory) the four-character abreviations are very confusing because you could end up with a dropdown list like this:

Gold - Rasc (1-50)

Bake - Ande (51-100)

Thom - Half (101-150)

Mill - Pete (151-200)

because Goldman lives in Alabama, Rascer lives in Arkansas, Baker lives in California, Anderson lives in Colorado, Thompson lives in Florida, Halfert lives in Georgia, Miller lives in Louisiana, and Petersen lives in Minnesota. The list is sorted by State but no one would ever figure that out at a glance.

It makes no sense.


I think it makes more sense to either discard the four-character abbreviations in the dropdown or base them on the actual primary sort item.


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