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Quantity field in dynamic pricing of membership dues

I sell variable amounts of workspace along with my monthly membership. I use dynamic pricing with radio buttons but I have to use too many buttons to get the range of variability I need.

I suggest adding a quantity field in the dynamic pricing with the ability to make it a normal part of every months member dues. The dynamic pricing seems to be set up for selling a t-shirt or meal for occasional charges, but I need monthly dynamic pricing with quantity to be added to monthly dues.

My site is www.shoppeople.org

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  • tylerlodging commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Current behavior:

    Membership levels use a specified fee amount.

    Requested behavior:

    We are a lodging membership organization and our membership fees are based on an amount per room with a minimum dollar amount required. We need to be able to invoice (and renewal invoices be based on the number of rooms in the hotel property) the hotel property based on the number of rooms at the property. A minimum and a maximum dollar amount should also be able to be set.

    I know the system allows for "extra charges" but the membership fee is not an "extra charge." This makes it confusing for the membership when they join and/or receive their invoice; especially when attempting to enforce the minimum and/or maximum membership fee.

    I am sure many organizations could have similar dues based on an amount per XXX.

    Please consider adding dynamic pricing with min/max dollar amounts to the membership dues.

  • Damon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I see that you can add a percentage fee based on a user-inputted value, but is there a way to add a percentage fee based on your actual membership levels?
    For example, if we had 3 membership levels ($1000, $500, and $300) and someone chose $500 and then chose a certain extra item that could add 5% i.e. $25. Or if they chose $1000, $50 would be added. So the added amount would be dependent on which membership level the user chose and not some static amount like you can do with the extra static cost fields.

  • Bill Tidball commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am providing support for 3 relatively large associations that all base their members dues on fields within the database (or certainly could). This is quite challenging to work around.

    It would be impossible to create enough extra-cost options, as suggested above, to support how they must price their dues. Do to the lack of support for a variable membership dues amount within the solution, each of these associations must calculate the dues manually based on feedback from the members and then create a invoice manually for the dues amount. Certainly negates the usefulness of the system when trying to automate collection of member dues.

    Because all 3 of these associations membership dues are based on something different, I could imagine any integrated solutions would add more complexity then you would like. To get around that, I would propose one of the following two ideas.

    1) Allow us to create a "dues" amount field, in the database. Then allow us to use this new field during the dues invoicing stage. In additions to this new type of field, add a separate dues invoice template that would use your "macro" concept to build the proper invoice. This would pull in the new dues amount field and allow us to populate this new field based on the unique association information from outside the system.


    2) Allow us to "bulk" import invoices. I believe this could be useful in several ways from event to membership dues.

    Wild Apricot software is fantastic and has simplified member management in so many ways. So thank you for any consideration you can give to these thoughts.

  • Evgeny Zaritovskiy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No, you did not overlook the option unfortunately. Do you think that 1) having a boat as extra-cost option with qty extension is a best approach for you or 2) it would be better to have kind of online store item/service (managed separately) and allow your members to buy items from it during regular registrations? Which approach is strategically better for you?

    With 2) you can setup a boat as a dedicated item/service inside your online store and keep records for all sales of particualr boat. But this requires online store to be implemented - which is not soon. With 1) it's a simple and kind of easy change but I'm not sure that this is strategically right move.

  • Richard Wells commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Our association also needs this type of dynamic pricing for our membership dues.

    We invoice dues based on both the type and number of boats operated by our members. We have contacted WA support and they suggested the dynamic pricing using the “extra charges multiple choice”, but as noted above, I would need too many choices to be feasable.

    A "shopping cart" similar to online stores where the member can specify a self selected number fof their choice to purchase for each class of products/dues would be very helpful. For now it appears our only option is emailing spreadsheets and doing manual invices for the dues calculated on the spreasdsheet....Unless there is an option we have overlooked?


  • lumpygravy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I sell an individual monthly membership to use my workshop for $150.

    The member then may choose to purchase/rent variable amounts of personal workspace at $! per sq ft/month.

    One person may have 34 sq ft (for a total monthly membership of $184), and another may have 141 sq ft ( for a total monthly membership of $291) etc.

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