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would provide event templates

Currently an event in Wild Apricot consists of a set of data fields (event title, a set of dates and times, location, description, tag field, registration form with standard and customizable fields, registration types, and customizable emails. This proposal would be to allow an administrator enter some or all of the details for an event and then to save these details as a template for the creation of complete events.
1. Any partially or fully completed event can be designated to be an event template. The template will store all properties at the time that it is created. The template will have a name and can be found on an administrator’s system list of event templates.

2. When an administrator creates an event or, under a pending proposal (not by this author), adopts a member’s event submission, the administrator may select a pre-existing event template to complete or override the event’s details. The chosen template remains associated with the event.

3. Similarly when an event template is edited but not saved as a new event template type, events using that template will be updated to match the details in the edited template.

a. When source event data would be changed by changing a template, or by standardizing to a template, the system would inform the administrator what data is about to be overriden and provide a check for the administrator to proceed or not. If the administrator elects to not accept a change to an event that would have the event conform to an event template, the event would no longer be associated with the template.

i. Because of the numbers of affected events this check have a simpler option to only allowing or disallowing the change on all events using that template.

4. When event data overrides the event template, the system would inform the administrator that the event will no longer conform to the template and indicate where it no longer conforms. If the administrator signs off on the changes anyway the event is no longer associated with its template.

5. Any event using a template can be saved as an ordinary event without a template, thereby ending its assocation with its original event template.

Events are usually some of the most important content that an organization has on its website. This proposal enhances events as containers of information by providing easier, and faster means to enter and validate that content.

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  • tlcorr03 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Creating an event from a template would be awesome. I'd like to be able to set up a template so that my partner, who is not as well-versed in WildApricot as I am, can start an event from a template, make a few tweaks, and be done. Currently, by trying to duplicate an existing event, inevitably there are things forgotten to change: email content, email dates, extra details, etc. I suppose I could make my own "fake" events for her to duplicate, but that takes up a lot of space in my event list.

  • Alex Sirota commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another twist to the need for duplicating events -- when duplicating an event you may wish to optionally change the start/end date and time so that when an event is duplicated you can on the fly duplicate the event but bump to a future date.

    Event duplication should also have an option to duplicate published events and copy their settings for audiences. So if it is restricted and already taking registrations, a duplication should KEEP the settings as is. Currently a duplicate event is automatically disabled and set for admin only. I can see why this may be a desired behaviour but if you are using the duplicate event as an event template, you'd want ALL the settings to be exactly duplicated and just push the date to a future (or in theory past) date and time.

  • TangentRW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Note that the comment immediately below is much simpler than the original proposal; it simply says that it should be possible to duplicate an event in the same way, regardless of whether the event is past or not. This would allow an event to be copied to serve as the basis of another event. It was moved into this proposal by an admin, presumably because its practical use had some aspects in common with the original proposal.

  • TangentRW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently when a future event is duplicated, the event email settings are duplicated, specifically the email texts, the email distribution lists, and the schedule for releasing email x days in advance of the event. However, when the event has already happened and it is duplicated then the email schedules and distribution lists are not duplicated. At the very least this is inconsistent behavior and it is also undocumented.

    The proposal is to treat copying past events the same as copying future events. For each email announcement or reminder in the source event, its distribution list and schedule of x days in advance would be copied into the duplicate event. In the case of the schedule x days in advance the new email schedules would be from x days in advance of the duplicated event's newly scheduled date-time.

    By preserving consistent treatment of copying between past and future events it will also be possible to create 'template' events to help administrators standardize data inputs between different events.

    Having a 'template' ability also leads to this corollary suggestion:

    Add to the Events API a call for duplicating a specific event. This will enable calling such 'template' events to standardize data entry across events even if the API does not allow access to the specific email controls for an event. Duplicating the event from the API would duplicate the email settings.

    I also sympathize with the proposal elsewhere to allow duplicating event registrants as well but believe that this should be an option only.

  • Lynn B commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There's a number of complexities in this about how event templates could work that our group doesn't actually need. What we need is the ability to have the (large number of) people that enter events, not be able to edit the template but instead only be able to edit an event created from the template, so they can't edit/trash the template accidentally. And also to have some sections (like the tags) be an area that they can't edit.

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