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Importing: skip existing contacts

Would be very nice to have an option to ignore existing contacts when importing, rather than allowing records to be updated. So that only unrecognised end up being created as new contacts. This is important when importing from lists where the quality of personal information data might not be as good as what already pre-exists in the database. (Esp for people who are members).

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  • Jesse Riddle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Definitely interested in making the importing process better. Currently we're a "state" chapter to a national organization who does NOT use Wild Apricot.

    If someone in our organization is a paying member for the state chapter, and is also a paying member for national, they are part of our monthly national import. The issue is similar to Larry Killer's, the membership field ends up being updated from a State paid membership to our National Membership which is 'free' in our current system.

    The current import logic is too basic for larger / multi-level organizations. It would be very handy to be able to have some custom logic. Maybe create a "Advanced Import", where conditional operators are taken into account.

  • Larry Killer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm totalling in agreement with this. I just went through the process of importing 3000+ contacts into our database so that we could send out emails to them. a little over 100 of those contacts were already paying members. When I import the contacts I set them to membership level ZZ-Needs Assigned. When I imported my list those that were already members were over-written on the membership category. Once I realized my mistake (luckily I had a recent backup) I had to go in and change back the membership level. Of course that also changed the Renewal Due date and the membership status level. At a minimum a warning box should pop up stating that you are about to overwrite existing data and ask if you want to proceed or not. That would have least warned me that I had duplicates.

  • webmaster commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This feature would be very helpful for our organization as well. Currently we have a painstakingly task of manually doing this. As our membership roll has grown this has become more tedious.

  • Frank commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Makes sense.

    I've created an internal issue to review adding this feature but we'll need more feedback from other users before we can proceed.

    If this is something anyone else is interested in please let us know.

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