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Hi there.

Per Evgeny's suggestion on another thread at http://forums.wildapricot.com/forums/308920-archive/suggestions/8835598-enhanced-advanced-and-simple-search-with-geo-searc , I'm submitting this as a separate feature request:

We'd love to be able to integrate a simple member search on the homepage. Preferably, if as a gadget, not as a "singular" one so as to be able to offer other important gadgets such as latest blog posts or a signup/donation form on the same page.

I've basically been compiling our member testers' evaluation feedback, and all of them confirm that the most important features to them are the ones that help drive the public to the member websites. So that includes features such as making the member search available front and center on the homepage, without having to click in to a directory.

Also: providing user-friendly, custom member page url's (http://oursite.com/membername); making sure that the member directory and pages are indexed and SEO-optimized (also related to the url); and providing an integrated google (or other) mapping service to the public member search that also offers zip code proximity, so the public can find members near them. I have commented on all of these wish list features separately. Just trying to tie them in together on these posts because they are all strongly needed features our membership has specifically requested.

Order of importance of these features in their compiled ranking:

1) easy member URL (as several of them use this as their practices' web page)
2) SEO indexed member pages and directory
3) Zip code proximity search (and map) integrated into public member search
4) Public member search gadget on homepage

Member fees are what keeps this organization going, so being able to provide these features are pretty important to drive membership.

Many thanks, sorry for the deluge in tying these issues together on the various feature request pages.

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    Seeing as this is a membership programme and most people are going to spend most of their time searching for various members, is it possible to have a search box at the top of EVERY page that searches members, contacts and the archive so that people can be traced quickly?

    Having to click 'Members > Keyword Search' every time means a lot of extra clicks for what I would have thought was the most common day-to-day use of any site and I don't think it even searches everyone, leaving you having to do more searches to find out (for example) if the person you are looking for ever joined, is archived, is a contact but not a member etc etc

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