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have better event tag management

Currently it is possible to add arbitrary words as tags to an event's event tag text field. This allows events to be filtered on calendars/event lists and on the administration side allows them to be filtered for by those tags. Currently tags can be added in the edit mode for any given events. Currently tags can only be deleted by going into each even that has the tag and individually deleting the tag.

Aside from dates/times and locations tags are the only means by which it is possible to categorize an event for event workflow, administration, and display purposes.

This proposal is to make tags more useful by allowing them to be managed centrally from the administrative backend.

1) In Administrative View on the Settings page under Events there would be an entry for Event Tags. This entry would bring up a text box containing all event tags used on the system. This text box would be editable.

a) Adding a tag would add the tag to the list of available tags for all events. Next to the text box there would be an administrative toggle present that would restrict or allow tags to be added in individual event descriptions (the latter of which is the current practice).

b) Deleting a tag would delete the tag from all events.

c) Changing a tag would change that tag for all events.

2) Each event could be edited to be allowed to show on its web page a subset of the general pool of events tags, as defined in the event.

This proposal is intended to be an interim proposal that will allow organizations to compartmentalize events among administrators, to establish rudimentary event workflows using tags, and to display some tags on event descriptions for end users (such when used as program codes).

If this proposal is combined with the existing proposal under review to allow end users to submit events the event proposal form could be improved by having UI elements that map to specific tags. This would allow for data validation within the organization's event submission workflow.

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  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tag manager.
    Trying to remove or even add tags should be done under a controlled area. Admin could create tags and associated colors that Event mgr could select from. Allowing ad hoc tag creation can cause a mess. And if you want to 'mass' delete a specific tag, why open up all events and delete the offending tag; do it one time in a Tag Manager application.

  • TangentRW commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There do exist proposals for a resource scheduler.

    Instead of relying upon tags I would prefer having customizable event data fields (associated with the event, not with the registration or contact data types).

    I would not discount the tag field entirely either. If there was a means of centrally managing the tags so that they could be edited en masse that would improve the use of tags as a sort of catchall.

  • Keith Rice commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For organisations that run many events (in our case 40 per week) the Event Tag handling/design is not ideal. Yes, event tags offer flexibility but they are not helpful when it comes to ensuring that you do not create a duplicate event or duplicate the use of a venue or facility. Manual check have to be done before creating a new event to ensure there is no duplication. Surely, this is a little archaic in todays world?

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