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Session registration within an event

Allow event participants to select specific sessions they wish to attend in a multi-session event (e.g. conference). Alternatively, allow the direct routing from the registration page to an online survey tool where we can ask those questions.

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  • veawcd commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Our issue is much like Ruthi's.

    We offer weekly courses to our members, which had caused a great deal of work for our Events Chair, putting all of these into the system.

    We started using the Sessions functionality, hoping it would be the solution, but it has created more problems.

    The people who attend the courses vary each week and the instructor needs to know exactly who is coming each week.

    The way the current system is set up, you can only register for the entire session block, which does not help us to capture the information that we need to capture. It also does not give an accurate participation list to the instructor.

    **I have a work around, by adding the individual dates to the registration form and requiring that our members check those dates. But it is a messy fix, which also requires members to have to re-register for the session, should they be able to make one of the sessions that they didn't select in their first registration.

    We really need a fix that will allow members to register for the individual sessions and not just the block of sessions.

  • Phoenix Ski Club commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This was where I was directed to comment, but what our club really needs is to have multiple payments for an event. Our trips are offered with a payment schedule. Right now all we can set up is an initial payment or a full payment. There is no way to go back and make additional payments for a trip. We have repurposed the Donation function, but it does not allow us to tie the payment back to the event. This requires manual tracking of payment, which defeats one of the reasons we purchased Wild Apricot in the first place.

  • Ruthi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sorry if I wasn't clear before.

    In addition to our membership and one-off events (work great, thanks!), we also have

    1. Weekly programs and
    2. Series of events say 4-8 sessions.

    Example of (1): We have Seniors clubs that meet once a week. I've put it in as a repeating event because that way it shows up on our monthly calendar. For this I'd like to register volunteers and participants, it's pretty much the same people each week.

    What we would like to be able to do is take attendance each week so we'll have statistics for volunteering, participant attendance and so on. The way it's structured right now is that if we tick someone as being 'in' it marks them as attending all sessions.

    Example of (2): This year we ran a series of lectures on women's health, each one with a different focus. Anyone who wanted to sign up for more than one had to register separately for each event. We'd like to make it easier for people just to tick off which ones they're interested in, and perhaps make some sort of a package deal for people coming to all, or x number of events.

  • smaul: Why cannot it be addressed now? How do you define "session"? Is it a field in event registration form, or are you talking about Registration types? It would be great, if you provide bigger picture for me, what kind of organization you are, what kind of events you have, how you organize them and what kind of problem you have in Wild Apricot to address this setup.

    Without this information it would be hard to proceed with this request.

  • Ruthi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yes we need this as sometimes we have a series and people don't want to be bothered signing up for each one separately.

    Also - this is slightly different - we have for example seniors program once a week. I've made it a repeating event but the check in is only once. It's the same people each time, but we want to take attendance so they would need to check in separately for each session.

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