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Have Extended Membership Statistics

I would like to see an "Extended Membership Statistics" page in the Admin Control Panel where the member database data is displayed in visual layout charts as we know from Facebook "Insights" and Google "Analytics". All displayed in a Graph, Pie or Bar Diagram like it is already used for the Wild Apricot Financial Report System.

Based on the membership data fields like "Date of Birth" you could display the distribution of age in an association/club

Logins over time: Chart with number of logins for the last month.

Pages views: Which pages are visited the most often. Which pages are not visited at all.

Pie charts for membership levels: How does the membership levels distribute in the association / club

Country Map: How does the membership be spread over the country or the world (just percentages shown on a map, not a member tracking).

Emails sent: How many emails have been send from member to member and from system to member.


It is important to be ahead of trends and be able to steer the association / club with its membership. It could give insights on where to "push some buttons" on recruiting to adjust overall membership for the better.

Google Analytics is nice but does not take into account who is actually a member and who is just a website visitor as it counts everybody.

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    I would go one further and say we are actively looking to provide our premium members with visitor statistics in terms activity/traffic to their profile pages (similar to what some of our larger competitors, such as Psychology Today, offers their members). We are currently evaluating 3rd party services, but would have to custom develop something to automatically add/remove members.

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