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  1. credit card fees to be paid by members

    Our members love being able to pay their membership dues by credit card. However, our biggest gripe with the payment systems that apricot supports is that there doesn't appear to be a way to give the credit card processing fee to the member, rather than our company. Since our membership costs are very high ($36,750), these small (~ 3.5%) fees really cost us a lot of money ($1,286.25), and it would be very helpful if we could pass these fees back on to the member.

    For example, if there was a way to allow members to manually enter in the…

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    Many thanks for your comments and feedback in this thread - it was super helpful for us in analysis and design of the feature.

    I'm happy to announce that we're working on adding donations to compensate payment processing fees. This feature will be released later this year.Some design decisions I wanted to speak out explicitly:

    1. We decided to proceed with optional donations to compensate credit card processing fees as opposed to surcharges/convenience fee.
    Main reasons for this is that there are too many regulations around mandatory charges to compensate fees: it's illegal in some countries/states, there are caps on how much you could charge, etc. To avoid all of this legal complications we decided to suggest members to opt-in to compensate processing fees, as opposed to make them obligatory.
    All these transactions will be recorded as donations in WA and can be later used for tax deduction.

    2. You…

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