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    Concurrent membership is not something easy to implement - it would require fundamental redesign of how membership works in WA. However, I have couple of thoughts here that I wanted to hear your feedback on.

    As I understand, there are 2 sides of the problem: 

    1. Collecting additional dues for services. E.g. Member is associate and board member, so you need to collect both dues.

     - This can be addressed using our extra fields functionality. Maybe it's a bit clunky, but it should work. E.g. setup associate member as primary membership and add extra charge checkbox for being a board member.

     - You can easily filter down any members you need with advances search by that extra field.

    2. Setting correct permissions on website pages - here there's no workaround we could suggest, but adding permissions based on saved searches seems to feasable option.

    Am I missing something? Will the…

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    Why not? Why would you not want my money? This makes no sense.

    I am too evaluating this package, and I am working on offering multiple products for sale, and have the same dilemna.

    I already figured that I would purchase the Community package if I could get some of these issues resolved. $50 a month is at stake.

    * Intergration of 2-Tier Affiliate Programs for my primary benefit - "Not in the cards".

    -- So I found an alternative to this somewhere else, though I can still integrate my affiliate program here. Gonna give my $$ to someone else, and WA is ok with that. Strange, but true.

    * Inability for having multiple concurrent memberships (multiple different-price-point products)- I just learned ..."Not in the cards".

    -- So I figure that now I really don't have to use WA as a payment services gateway, cause I have to find another solution anyways to sell multiple different-price-point products. Another instance that I am giving my money to another vendor. And WA is ok with it. Still strange, but true. And then I have started to question, why even use this platform at all, if I have to outsource every component that I need?

    -- The problem is that I really like the usability of this interface. I am a super-user. That is why I am paying for hosting like this-I don't want to program it. You have this part figured out, though my dilemna comes back to.....if I cannot use this software for what I need to use it for, then why would I pay?

    -- This is perversely funny too. Because I have learned so much on WA. I have ignored my family for many days, and have been burning the midnight oil learning all I can working to get my site up as fast as possible-to then work on the bugs, and now I get to shop for a different platform, because of these two major things that are not in the cards. I am not a technical guy, but I will learn it if I have to. Really, I can't do multiple price point products from a membership perspective? I still can't believe it. My marketing plan is in place, I am set to launch next month, and I need to go somewhere else?

    This is like owning a Ford pickup truck. Not a lot of great features, but very reliable. I would like to get better MPG, so I buy a Toyota truck of off lots of recommendations, and I learn to love it. I buy a couple of Toyota's back-to-back and recommend them to everyone I meet. And then I find out the automaker was hiding problems, and really is not that reliable. Even though I have not had any problems, I can't risk the chance of dying. So what do I do? I go back to Ford, Steady, reliable, with no frills, even though I want to pay for the frills of Toyota. And what will I end up doing? I will find another automaker to like, learn to love it, and pay them my money for the frills. Will I come back to Toyota? Why would I? There are so many other choices.

    Or McDonald's, whom can't figure out how to make a variety of healthy food, that isn't supersized that tastes good.

    And so I search some more...I already found another site that does what WA does not do, though the interface sucks, and they do not allow recurring payments.....who does the market research to build these hosting packages? If someone could just figure it out, they would get my money. I would be willing to put up to about $75 per month for that hosting package.

    Wow (shaking my head), I still can't believe I have to go find a new hosting service.

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