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    Respectfully, a company that builds website software specializing in membership registrations/IDs should seem to very much need and want to provide member usage reports as part of its features to its customers.

    Our board was pretty shocked to learn that there are no WA reports that summarize member/password usage. I understand not being able to monitor password/usage patterns or even to not be able to knock multiple users off when simultaneously on-line, but at least give the customers a report of who logs in and when, so we can peruse members who may have excessive or simultaneous usage. WA has mastered the collection and accounting aspects of membership website, but then has a surprising gap in its ability to then protect those members' membership investments through usage monitoring safeguards.

    It's a bit like a stadium that very effectively sells tickets to its events, but at the door of the stadium there is no person at the entrance turnstyles to track the collection of those tickets. Imagine the idea of a used ticket being freely passed across the stadium fence to admit an entire crowd who's ready to enter - all with that one ticket. And not a single report for the stadium to see who's tickets have been used and when!

    This is a deal-killer for us by Q4. Wordpress with aMember has these capabilities as basic. We like WA and we are Canadian, but we didn't build a website so that forum boards can freely give out our password info and we're left with not a digit of data for our use to even identify the problem.

    The worry here is that I see a senior Wild Apricot engineer proposed usage reports as the answer to this sort of problem statement on one of these message boards almost three years ago. Referring inquiries to join a four-year old line-up of notes and ambiguous, non-committal replies is not the best way to convince the customer that this common sense aspect of membership software remains unaddressed in WA.

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