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    Terry Roberts supported this idea  · 
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    Terry Roberts commented  · 

    I think having *robust* affiliate management functionality is essential for Wild Apricot to be a best-of-breed membership site management platform. That's because one of the most basic and powerful marketing strategies for *any* membership site is to incentivize current members to bring in additional members from their networks. What could be more fundamental?

    By *robust*, I mean features like the following (I'm sure to overlook some that others might contribute):
    * -Configurable for automatically-approved sign-up or for requiring admin approval
    * -On-site affiliate application form, including tax id for 1099 commission reporting if the applicant is approved
    * -Two-tiered, so affiliates can recruit sub-affiliates and get an "over-ride" commission on any affiliates they recruit; configurable commission by level
    * -Ability to configure what membership levels and/or events and products are eligible for affiliate commissions
    * -Ability to configure whether recurring sales (like monthly memberships) are commissionable
    * -Configurable as to how long affiliates get paid re: customers they refer (forever? a year? etc.)
    * -Configurable for which affiliate gets credit for a sale if more than one affiliate's cookie is detected on the customer's computer: it's typically either the first cookie placed, or the last cookie placed. If not configurable, last cookie should be the default under the premise that most recent affiliate click was more likely the triggering event than an old click
    * -Ability to create special compensation commission levels for "Super-Affiliates"
    * -Ability for member-affiliates to see reports within their membership account on affiliate activity
    * Click generated
    * Sales credited
    * Commissions due
    * Commissions paid
    * Commissions history
    * -Ability for site owner to see reports on affiliate activity:
    * Clicks generated by affiliate
    * Sales credited by affiliate
    * Commissions due by affiliate
    * Commission due by affiliate
    * Activity history by affiliate
    * Commissions due by affiliate
    * -Ability to configure threshold amount to trigger commission payouts (for example, commissions aren't paid unless the accrued amount of commission owed is $25 or more; otherwise, the balance rolls over into the next month's balance
    * -Repository where the site owner can post affiliate promotional materials (banners, sample email texts, etc.) and the affiliate can download them at will. All materials must download with the affiliate's unique affiliate code embedded.
    * -Ideally, integration with a payment platform that allows exporting the commissions due report to that platform and automatically issue commission checks (making payment digitally is by far preferable, as with PayPal - it's not only fast and cheap (no checks or mailing), people like its security and it can do international)


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