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David Abbondanzio

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    David Abbondanzio commented  · 

    I consult for our neighborhood association and had the same issue. I figured out a workaround that isn't perfect but allows us to create the mechanics to support discount coupons - here are the steps:

    1) add products to your store with the discounted rate. you will be duplicating the ones your currently have but just load the one discounted price (no others)
    - for each of these products add a unique tag such as "coupon-123"
    2) create a new store page on your web site
    - make it public, but keep it off the menu
    - note the url - it will be something like .../page-######
    - we just duplicated our store page and changed the attributes
    - if you make a new page make sure to add the store widget
    3) in the new store page, modify the store widget to filter only the products with the coupon tag you added to them above
    4) create a QR code that embeds the url of the "secret" store page: (whatever the url is in the properties of the page)

    when users scan that code they will be presented with a shopping page with just those discounted products.

    if you want different discounted rates for the same product you'll need a different store page for each with each product (at its discounted rate) tagged by a unique tag. each store page then becomes the page of discounts. e.g.
    url/secret_store_discount 10%
    > widget with filter for items at 10%
    url/secret_store_discount 20%
    > widget with filter for items at 20%

    Don't put these pages on your site but use the QR code link to get your customers there - you would hand someone the 10% QR coupon code to get to the 10% store and the 20% QR code to get to the 20% store...

    it's not pretty or perfect but it will work in some cases.

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