Version 3.4 known problems

Unfortunately even with a month of testing we went through, when version 3.4 was launched in live environment a number of problem was identified. I will use this thread to list the known high priority problem, workarounds and our work on fixes.

1) Link tracking in previously sent emails might not work (while link tracking for newly created emails works fine). Our team is working on a fix and we expect to deploy it by Tuesday morning march 30th. There is no workaround.

2) After login people are not returned to whatever page they started login from. This means they have to manually navigate back to the needed page.
We are currently investigating this problem.

3) Some clients with heavily customized sites based on themes with newly released dynamic menu (see http://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Release+history ) might see dynamic menu mismatched to their customizations.
Workaround: go to CSS Customization, click on edit and then save. Dynamic menu should disappear (later on you can renable it and customize as necessary.)
Fix: We are working to hide it from those sites.

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We’ll send you updates on this idea

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    As of now we have fixed all the known common problems. If you still have any issues with your Wild Apricot account, please use our regular support channels:

    email: support@wildapricot.com

    online: support.wildapricot.com

    Phone: +1 (877) 493-6090

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    5) If you had a folder created via WebDAV named 'Images', this was accidentally renamed into 'Pictures' (because we also had a hidden system folder called 'Images' which was targeted by the rename operation) - so

    We are working on a fix, though you can fix this by updating the links or recreating Images folder and moving your files back into it.

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    4) One other problem we have identified:

    If you try to connect to WebDAV using /resources URL as per our current instructions http://help.wildapricot.com/display/DOC/Uploading+files+in+bulk+using+WebDAV#WorkingwithWebDAV-ConnectingtoWebDAV , it works fine

    But when people used /webdav URL (per old instructions), it was not working properly.

    This problem has now been fixed and both URLs work.

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    re 2): Our investigation indicates that this happens for new members who have not yet accepted terms of service. They are redirected to accept them but not returned to the starting page afterwards.

    All subsequent logins /logins by existing members work correctly.

    We are working on a fix.

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