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    For events, we encourage our members and quests to prereqister online. Our meeting price is structured to encourage preregistration. So most do preregister. Some prepay - some do not. And for those that wait and pay at the door, we simply collect at the door.

    We do not want a billing and/or A/R process which generates an invoice which we must later apply what we collect at the door or cancel. We simply do not have that sort of operation. Ours is a professional association but not like a country club where there is a contractual obligation to pay dues.

    We do not want invoices generated for our events and we do not want to have to go apply a payment to an invoice later (by the way - that is a very painful process in WA and part of the reason why we do not want to do this).

    With your last update, now we have invoices being generated that are not cleared (partly because it is such an onerous process) and our members are starting to no longer use the site for pre-registering for our events - just the opposite behavior from what we want.

    To answer your questions.

    1) we accept on line and off line payments

    2) We do not want to generate invoices to our members - ever. So we will never track an unpaid invoices. For our purposes - for events - ie meetings and training events - we use WA for preregistration and to hook into paypal for those that want to prepay. At the event, we will bring with us a print out from paypay (or WA) showing who has paid for the event and use that at the door to determine who we need to collect from at the door.

    3) Our member registers for the event. The system offers the opportunity to prepay. if they choose to prepay, WA interacts with paypal for collecting the funds. Rather they prepay or not, WA captures the registration event and we are done.

    4) We allow payment in advance and we take payment at the door.

    5) I think I answered this already in #3.

    I think the simplist way to say this is - make an option to turn off the invoice generation process. Provide an option that allows for registration with no collection or A/R consideration. Allow for payment of the event - but do not require payment.

    I am happy to supply any additional information. You may email me at or call at 843-745-4065.

    So you know - this is having such a bad impact on our membership and operations - and because we can find no soluition to turn off the invoicing process - we are actively looking for a solution to replace Wild Apricot. We encourage you to provide an answer quickly.

    Thanks, Alan Gosnell

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