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    We have started analysis for this issue, and it seems that key problem is how Wild Apricot handles level changes close to renewal date. The system is currently designed to collect the full new level amount and set renewal date according to new level renewal policy. All prepaid amounts for old levels are disposed. Moreover, since no prorating occurs, the new level might be effective only for a few days.

    As a first step, we suggest to redesign how level change is working and add prorating there:

    - Level would be changed immediately, as now

    - Remaining portion of old membership level payment will be applied to new level

    - For new levels with specific renewal date (e.g. annual levels with renewals Jan 1st) apply the pro-rating settings for new applications:
    - Allow member to pay only a pro-rated amount of the new level fee (e.g. six months before renewal…

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    The situation we have is when a member at Level 2 pays before his due date, AND pays extra to become a member of Level 1.

    The problem:
    * If we change his Membership Level to the Level 1 when we receive his payment he's been cheated out of the remaining months of his Level 2 membership.

    * If we change him to Level 2 when he pays he's getting extra months at the higher level that he didn't pay for.
    * The only fair way to handle it is to add a year to his existing due date when he pays, and then remember to go in and change his member level to Level 1 manually on the day his original Level 2 membership expired. Obviously, this doesn't work when you have many members.

    The proposed solution:

    Add to the system the ability to change a membership level on a set date using 2 input fields (Change Level and Change Date). So in the case above, if the member's Level 2 membership expires on 1/1/10, and he pays extra on 6/1/09 to become a Level 1 member, we would handle this when we received his payment on 6/1/09 as follows:
    * Change his renewal date to 1/1/11
    * Set the Change Level menu to "Level 1"
    * Set the Change Date to 1/1/10.

    So the member gets his full year at Level 1, at which time he's upped to Level 2, and administration only has to adjust his profile once, when his payment is received.

    We're facing this issue a lot, as many of our members are renewing early (and changing levels) in order to send their payments in by the end of the year for tax purposes.


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