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Getting Support for the WA V2 API?

Hi - looking through recent posts in the forum regarding usage of the WA API V2 I get the impression that the API is basically unsupported by WA. e.g. two API issues I posted some days ago remain unanswered and a recent API V2 question from another user (GeePawHill) also remains without any replies.

So a basic question - do WA staff support the API through this forum? If not can anyone at WA advise what other avenues are available in order to get support for the API? e.g. should we be submitting API issues via the support channel? (email) Or some other forum?

I have two iOS clients projects currently underway but both are stalled waiting for API issue resolution.



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    WA says it doesn't support the API.

    I'm not sure what prompts the policy. To me, it seems a fairly classic example of inverted priorities. I'm guessing they fear that giving such support will take a heavy investment. But I kinda doubt that. Poking around the site here doesn't show a flood of help requests, after all, and this is the first place a dev would go. Further, it makes little sense commercially: people who use your API successfully are far more deeply tied -- committed -- to your product than mere web surfers.

    I recently pushed my first cut at a Java implementation. I plan to support it. In the event I am swamped by heavy support requests, well, I'll cross that astonished bridge on that day.

    Cheers, GeePaw

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