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Allow Group Leader to Send Emails to a Group

Site Admin will grant access to a specific WA page for each Group Leader.
-- On this page will be a form Nicasio creates using WordPress and a
form plugin.
-- If more groups are added or changed, Nicasio would need to
add/update these forms for the Site Admin (or walk the Site Admin
through how to set these up).

The form will include the standard email fields (subject, and body, as
from and to fields will be auto-populated behind the scenes).
-- The from address will be set to the group leader's email within the
form's settings (a Site Admin or Nicasio would need to edit this if
changes are needed).
-- The to address(es) will be loaded via a custom WA API script
Nicasio creates that pulls all email addresses from members within the
specific group being sent to.

The WordPress site and form will need to be hosted where client chooses.
-- The forms will then be iframed/embedded into the group leader pages
mentioned above.

The WordPress site will not meant to be accessed directly and should
probably be blocked unless visiting from within the iframed page while
on one of the Wild Apricot group leader pages.
-- The WordPress site will be streamlined/stripped down to only show
the forms so any other content would be added to the Wild Apricot

To complete the items mentioned above we estimate this at roughly 25 hours of work.

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