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    scott_btm commented  · 

    Hey! Great work on WA, I'm loving the system as a whole. It has just the right amount of simplicity without being feature-less...(is that a word?).

    I am a designer and programmer and spent a good chunck of time customizing our first WA template when we signed up. Using my coding knowledge, a lot of patients and some fancy work-arounds, I was able to turn the WA template into an exact replica of our (then) existing kudos on the system.

    Here are the main issues I had:

    1. Even though you provided the full CSS of the theme I picked, and though it was organized and commented, it was difficult to identify (and just as difficult to keep track of) how the classes affected the html (especially related to the "div hierarchies"...if that makes sense). For example, I could assume wich classes related to the nav bar, but figuring out which containers were which was not as easy. This resulted in a lot of trial and error.

    2. I found it difficult to bend some of the styles and dimensions to my will - as related to form content or dynamic content from the database, i.e. personal account info, member directory lsitings, etc. (tho I realise that I may have been customizing my template beyond its limits, so I didnt mind this part so much). It's always rough when trying to modify someone elses coding, but if we could make how the CSS interacts with the html - or dynamic content more transparent........I dont even know where Im going with that, maybe more specific CSS commenting?

    3. Lastly (and perhaps not necessarily a customization issue), I was frustrated that I could not preview some dynamic content layouts while logged in as an admin...(I may have not been doing it right??). In general, this is troublesome all the time for me.

    Other than some mild headache, I was impressed that I was able to do what I did. I came to WA after trying some other systems, some of which were much more expensive, that didn't allow for that type of customization.

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