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Do not mark as 'free' events which involve expenses payable to others

Some events are not free, however we don't want to enter a price, in order to prevent the system from generating an invoice... For example, when members register for a trip to a chocolate factory. They don't owe the Club any money, but still, this is not a free event, they will have to pay for the transportation, visit, lunch,...

Is there a way to either hide ¨Free¨ (because it's not free after all) or prevent the system from generating an invoice if we input a price (because it's not money owed to the Club)?

Many thanks,


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  • k998 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    We would like to also vote for this. Our events are invoiced to the individual's organisation. It is confusing and misleading if we select free (to avoid an invoice being sent to the individual). On the other hand it is also confusing and misleading if we enter a cost because it is not actually a cost to the individual - they then are not happy that it looks like they are being charged.

    Any workarounds that we have tried are even more confusing because of the - FREE that gets displayed.

    There must be many more organisations and clubs in the same boat.


  • Ziwc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you Malcolm, this is very helpful, I am going to look into this alternative. Otherwise, I'd rather have a hyphen or a blank than the word 'free'...

    Cost: -

    instead of

    Cost: Free

    Kind regards,


  • Dmitry Buterin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do not want to jump to detailed solutions until we get a full picture and also consider alternatives. Though what you have suggested is much harder to do than you might think.

  • Ziwc commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks Chief, looking forward to reading others' experiences.

    Would it be hard for your tech team to modifiy the cost field so that one can enter the word 'Variable', so that no invoice is generated?

  • Dmitry Buterin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Right now there is no proper way to set this up. Thanks for posting this - I would appreciate comments from others in similar situations.

    I have some thoughts about a crude workaround:

    - create a special field on the registration form of type 'multiple choice with extra costs'.

    - name it like this: Other costs - FYI only, DO NOT SELECT - payable directly

    - set up proper options in it, e.g. 'fare $10, venue $20, lunch $25'

    After this event will no longer be displayed as Free, instead will be shown as 'Variable'. And as long as people do not select any of these options, it works.

    Of course, some people will ignore the field name and select these options anyway and will try topay to the Club etc. I think it might be possible to fool-proof this further with some CSS/Javascript wizardry - disable selection of actual checkboxes on the fly - so people will not be able to select them at all. If you do have someone with CSS/Javascript skills, these forum threads might give them an idea on how to do it:



    If not, you can also try contacting our support and/or posting on forums. This is not something included in our regular tech support but someone might volunteer to help.

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